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If you're on this page, you've received an exclusive invite to be a part of Winetraveler's upcoming Wine Club launch. Signup today to reserve your Premium membership, plus get 20% off your first wine shipment.

Uncork a New Experience

Explore great wines from stunning regions from your couch. Book a trip if you want to explore them.

From Spain to Croatia, California to Italy, France to Armenia, Georgia to the Czech Republic - no other wine club brings you closer to unique wine regions.

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What To Expect

A Wine Club Tailored Towards the Discoverer

Winetraveler is in the midst of launching something unprecedented. Combining our love for travel with the deep connections we've made in both the travel and wine industries, we're bringing a taste of the world's wine regions right to your couch.

Each quarter, we'll be featuring a unique wine region, showcasing a selection of stunnings wines curated by our team of sommeliers. But it doesn't stop there. You'll get to interact with the winemakers themselves, participate in exclusive virtual tastings, and have access to unparalled wine travel experiences you can't find anywhere else.

  • Explore a new wine region each quarter
  • 6 bottles of wine delivered along with other locally sourced regional products
  • Taste virtually alongside the winemakers, our sommeliers and other Winetraveler Aficionados
  • Receive detailed itineraries to the regions we feature, book exclusive trips with Winetraveler Concierge
  • Track the wines you like through a personalized dashboard, with the option to purchase more through the Winetraveler App
  • Access the Winetraveler club member chatroom, engage in real-time with other members and the winemakers themselves
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Members-only wine experiences through our vineyard partners and MasterCard
  • Invite your friends, earn $20